Rules of Procedure

I) General rules:

  1. These internal regulations establish general rules for a comfortable stay, regulating the relationship with guests, forms, schedules and mode of use of the facilities. It is applicable without prejudice to the general rules in this regard
  2. Todas las personas que se hospeden en LINKS APART HOTEL, durante su estadía, aceptan de conformidad este Reglamento Interno, el que se considera un contrato de servicios de alojamiento. Caso contrario, la Gerencia se reserva el derecho de admisión y permanencia.
    Las  infracciones al mismo dan derecho al hotel a tomar las medidas necesarias para que prevalezca el interés general, consagrándose por tanto el derecho de expulsión establecido en el Código Civil.

II) Income and rates:

  1. The check-in time is scheduled from 3 p.m.
  2. The Exit schedule (Check - out) is at 10 o'clock.
  3. Upon arrival, the guest must complete the passenger registration form and pay the amount corresponding to the accommodation.
  4. The user must respect the capacity of the contracted department and will not be able to accommodate people other than those registered in their room and, in any case, will give prior notice on receipt of any variation in the number or identification of the persons originally registered and pay the corresponding amounts.
  5. The consumptions of frigobar realized and the utilization of the service of washing machine, presume the acceptance of the price and it will be charged to your account, which will pay at the time of the check - out. Upon admission, the Hotel may ask the guest to leave a credit card voucher as a guarantee of the consumptions to be made, which will be returned upon departure.
  6. The late check - out will be from 10 o'clock. For the same, half room rate will be charged and will entitle you to stay in the room until 6 pm. Late check - out is subject to availability. After this period, LINKS APART HOTEL reserves the right to vacate the room according to the need of the day in question. After 6 pm the amount will be 100% of the daily rate.
  7. An inventory of the unit will be carried out, prior to the entry, with the obligation of the guest to pay for any shortfall that may occur upon departure.

III) Obligations of the Guest:

  1. Pets are not allowed.
  2. Smoking is not allowed in any sector of the establishment, in accordance with the regulations in force.
  3. Guests will be responsible for any damage caused to things or people during their stay. In case of damaging or dirtying the building or furniture, as well as the loss of the keys or remote control of the TV, the guest must pay the cost of repairs and / or replacements for the damage caused.
  4. El horario de silencio es de 24 a 8 hs. Dentro de ese horario está prohibido utilizar radios, televisores con alto volumen u otros ruidos molestos que impidan el descanso y la tranquilidad de otros huéspedes.
  5. It is not allowed to use the apartments or rooms for games of chance prohibited by law or to hold meetings whose purpose is to alter public order or disobey the laws or regulations in force.
  6. Electrical power and electrical appliances installed in the apartments can not be used for other purposes than those for which they are intended. The hotel security measures strictly prohibit the use of irons, clothes dryers and other electrical or other appliances that may cause a fire, except those of the establishment.

IV) Services:

  1. The cleaning of the apartment is done in the morning, the guest must put the corresponding poster indicating that he / she wants it not to be done.
  2. Guests can use the dry cleaning service requesting previously in the reception, the key of the laundry and supplies for washing.
  3. The Dry Breakfast will be delivered to the apartment between 7 and 10 am, at the time the guest requests it, indicating the day of your preference at the reception the day before.
  4. The towels will be changed every 2 days. (help us take care of the environment). It is not allowed to remove towels or towels from the department.
  5. Regarding the values, they must be declared in the entry form. LINKS APART HOTEL is not responsible for objects and / or values left in your unit and / or Public Areas. All our departments have an Individual Security Box and exclusive use. For the peace of all, we suggest its use.
  6. When a guest makes use of the hotel parking, he must place his car in an appropriate place, the establishment is not responsible for partial damage or total theft of the vehicle or objects left inside.
  7. Any complaint, suggestion or congratulation must be noted in the Book of Complaints and Suggestions that the administration of the hotel has available to users at the reception, according to the guidelines set by the Fueguino Tourism Institute (In.Fue.Tur.) .

V) Cancellation policy:

  1. General conditions: Reservations will be guaranteed by credit card or bank deposits. No cancellation charges will be charged up to 72 hours. before check-in.
  2. If the cancellation is made after these 72 hours or in case of no show, the amount corresponding to one night of accommodation will be charged.
  3. In case of no cancellation on date or no show, the values charged in advance will not be refundable.
  4. If one or more of the above conditions are not met, LINKS APART HOTEL has the right to terminate the accommodation contract immediately. The client is also obliged to pay for all the days of accommodation fixed in the reservation.

By way of example, LINKS APART HOTEL may terminate the accommodation contract if:

  1. The contracting guest does not fulfill a pending obligation.
  2. The fulfillment of the accommodation contract is impossible due to force majeure, strike or other circumstances not attributable to LINKS APART HOTEL.
  3. The contracting guest gives confused or false information about important data.
  4. LINKS APART HOTEL has justified reasons to believe that the enjoyment of the services by the contracting guest can jeopardize the good running of the LINKS APART HOTEL business, the security or the public image of the Hotel.
  5. Behaviors that offend other customers or LINKS APART HOTEL workers are carried out.
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